NEW FOR 2021! The 2-IN-1 Dynamic Rotating Seat

Position #1 The Swivel Mode rotates 360° to work your core muscles, engage your lower body, and burn total-body calories.

Position #2 - Engage the Mobility Mode for an ALL NEW movement to work your hips and core to improve mobility, increase flexibility, and just feel fantastic!

Transform the Way You Look & Feel

Proven to Increase Flexibility

A clinical study proves ABDoer Elite's Mobility Mode on average increases flexibility by 29%*!

Increased flexibility is especially important for daily functional movements like picking up groceries, kids and grandkids.

*Results based upon a study of 29 individuals between the ages of 18 and 85. After using the Mobility Mode for 5 minutes, 93% of participants saw an improvement in flexibility. Those that saw an improvement experienced a 29% increase in flexibility.