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#1 New Fitness Product of 2018!

Ab Doer 360™ is the ONLY fitness system to use ABDOBICS™, the revolutionary workout scientifically designed to burn more calories & build muscle fast!

  • The secret is John Abdo's exclusive combination of ab-toning & muscle-shaping with heart-pounding cardio!
  • Targets major muscles around your waistline with patented Multidirectional Technology.
  • Tightens your core, improves flexibility, & alleviates back discomfort - all from a comfortable, seated position!
  • Fast & effective for every age, size, weight & fitness level!
  • Lightweight, compact, & easy to assemble - get fit anywhere & love the way you look again!
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Results shown achieved following the AbDoer Twist™ system which includes workouts on the AbDoer Twist™ and a calorie restricted diet plan.
Your results on the AbDoer 360™ will vary.
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Get Off The Floor & Tighten More Core!
Core Support Column
Ergonomically-advanced design activates your core, back & spinal muscles in every direction to promote a stronger back & healthy posture!
Contouring Arm Bars
Support proper body alignment by reducing harmful compression on your neck, back & spine!
Comfortable Seated Workout
 Your muscles automatically fire as they react to the Dynamic Fluidity Seat's 360° movements for total body toning without high-impact aerobics!
Transform The Way You Look & Feel With The Ab Doer 360™!
John Abdo
“It doesn’t matter your current age or fitness level. I created the AbDoer 360™ Fitness System to work for just about everybody -- all you need to do is sit down and just move your body, follow my program, and you’ll be on your way to tighter abs, trimmer love-handles, and a stronger back. The Ab Doer 360™ is easy and it’s a lot of fun!”

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Try The Complete Ab Doer 360™ System
FOR ONLY $14.75
you can try the Ab Doer 360™ in your home for a full 30 Days!

Full price from $199.80